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£128,500 Approved In Interest Free Loans In Latest Quarter

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is delighted to announce that a total of £128,500 has been approved in interest-free loans at the end of the charity’s third quarter of 2019.

One of the city’s oldest charities, having been established in 1542, The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity offers loans of up to £20,000, which are completely interest-free, to give start-ups or developing businesses a much-needed helping-hand.

In addition, students embarking on post-graduate study can apply for up to £10,000 on the same terms.

The charity’s support is now accessible for more people than ever throughout Leicestershire & Rutland, following the recent announcement that the age range criteria has been extended by ten years, allowing people up to the age of 45 to apply for an interest-free business or education loan.

12 individuals were successful in obtaining the charity’s investment in the third quarter of the calendar year, with the total sum being divided into both business and education loans.

Of the 12, nine education loans have been approved, totalling £79,500. These funds will be used to support a number of students in postgraduate study, including a Masters in Fine Art, MA in Acting, MSc Physician Associate, and MSc Communications and Signal Processing.

Meanwhile, three business loans, totalling £49,000, were also approved for a variety of ventures which include ethical fashion design and a fitness centre.

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s Chair of Trustees, David Howard, said: “It is tremendous to see more individuals throughout Leicestershire and Rutland take advantage of the interest-free loans that the charity has to offer.

“We as trustees wish all of those who have been approved for a loan throughout this past quarter, or indeed the rest of the year, the very best of luck as they attempt to forge a successful business or continue studies.

“At The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, we take great pride in seeing individuals we have helped enjoy success in whatever field they have chosen to specialise in, and I am sure that will again be the case for the latest round of applicants.

“I greatly encourage anybody throughout the county thinking of applying for a loan to get in touch with us and register for an application pack.”

If you are interested in applying for one of the charity’s interest-free loans, whether that be in business or education, please visit the relevant link below and complete a contact form to receive a download link.

Business Loans

Education Loans

The deadline for the next round of applications is Tuesday 1 October 2019.

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