Designer Posie Set To Debut First Three Collections

This week is a hugely exciting one for Sir Thomas White Loan Charity borrower and lingerie designer, Posie Upshall.

Following a two-year project, Posie is set to unveil her first three collections of luxury lingerie at an event taking place at Leicester’s Brick & Beam on Friday 11 October; the culmination of two-years’ hard work.

An added factor is Posie’s approach to design; the brand aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, whilst the 25-year-old designer has worked to ensure that her items have a localised element to them too.

“There’s going to be a catwalk show,” revealed Posie, looking forward to the prospect of showcasing her products.

“Attacus is the collection that seems to have received the best feedback to date. That collection is sheer with a moth design on it. I wanted to go for something that was different from floral designs, things that have become typical. When I left university, I was working in a part-time job and I started a sketch book. I found myself drawing bugs and moths, so when it came to designing the collection and asking myself what to feature, I went back to the sketch book.

“Moths are the theme throughout, which may seem a bit weird,” joked Posie.

“The Attacus is made with tulle and organic cotton, which has been dyed in Leicester. The second collection is Noctuidae, which is a black collection. That uses a mixture of organic cotton, cotton velvet and embroidery.

“My most sustainable collection of the three is Metamorphosis. That also uses organic cotton and cotton velvet – but I etched the design with a laser cutter, which gives it a print. If you were using normal print techniques, you would be using harmful dyes in the process. This eliminates that, but still gives the print. I don’t think there’s another brand that has done that.”

All are invited to the launch event on Friday 11 October, which commences at 7.30pm. To confirm your attendance at the black tie event, please email posie@posielingerie.com

Keep an eye on our website in the coming days for more on Posie and her journey, which The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is proud to have been able to help.

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