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“Life is about living and you work for the majority of it, so why not do something you love!” 

These wise words come from Georgie Ansell, who is proof that following a passion for a career can be hugely satisfying and rewarding, with her business, Georgie Ansell Personal Training, now thriving thanks in part to our interest-free business loan

Georgie grew up in Rutland with her mum, dad and brother and returned to the county soon after completing an undergraduate degree in Leeds. 

“I then travelled South East Asia, which was one of the most amazing experiences,” Georgie explained. 

“I came back from travelling and decided I wanted to have a career as a PA, so I started working as a receptionist for land developers and worked my way up to being a PA for the COO of the company.” 

While doing this job, Georgie found her love for fitness and having travelled around Australia for six weeks, she decided to take the brave step of changing her career path. 

“I soon left the PA role and trained to be a personal trainer,” she continued.  “During my training I had a full-time job caring for the elderly in Rutland, which was really rewarding.  I have been a qualified PT for just over six years, but running it as a full-time business for 20 months.”

Unlike most other gyms, Georgie Ansell Personal Training provides a small, intimate and comfortable setting for people to train.

“My personal training business offers one-to-one and small group sessions in a private gym based just outside of Oakham, Rutland. The space is unique as its only me and the person training. It takes away the big gym environment and provides a space they can feel comfortable in.” 

“I did some research as I wanted to expand my business,” Georgie reflected when recounting STWLC’s role in her entrepreneurial story.

“The interview was great, the Trustees put me at ease and were very supportive through the whole process.” 

Georgie Ansell

“It was then while searching the web for loans that I came across STWLC. I found the process straight-forward. The business plan gets provided so you know what you need to include. The interview was great, the Trustees put me at ease and were very supportive through the whole process.” 

Once Georgie’s interest-free business loan was approved, she quickly went about putting the funds to good use.

“I used the funds to renovate part of an old chicken shed so I could use it as a private gym space,” Georgie continued. 

“I was also able to purchase equipment for the gym. I bought two sets of cardio machines, a rig, with a squat rack, pull up bar and pulley machine, plus barbells, dumbbells, storage units and much more functional fitness equipment. I also purchased a laptop for admin.”

Finishing with a final word on STWLC’s impact, Georgie put it simply:

“I wouldn’t be in the position I am with my business without them!”

To make an enquiry to Georgie Ansell Personal Training, please email: 

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