Sue Cleminson

Meet Our New Trustees – Sue Cleminson

At the end of 2019, The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity was delighted to announce the appointment of three new trustees to the charity’s board in Greg Hollingsworth, Sue Cleminson and Mark Shelton.

Moving forward, the trio will work alongside our 15 other trustees; forming part of interview panels with applicants and visiting borrowers and their businesses to see how things are progressing.

In a three-part series, we find out a little more about our newest trustees, continuing with HR specialist, Sue Cleminson…

“I’m currently director of a HR consultancy called Cleminson & Cleminson Consulting. I’ve worked in HR ever since I left university. I’ve worked for a number of large PLCs, but over ten years ago we started our own business. We now have clients all over the United Kingdom and a lot of our clients are international. I love it.

“The people that asked me to become a trustee were very big supporters, as they would be as trustees. However, when I did some research and saw the enthusiasm the charity gave, not only for the people applying for the loans, but also through the success stories and the STWLC Ambassadors, it was just amazing. Also, because the charity is local, I think that makes a complete difference.

“I’ve already been part of some of the panel interviews, albeit unexpectedly! That went really well, there were some really great people that we saw. Because I do a lot of recruiting, and from supporting people that may have employment-related issues and wanting to do things that better the team; I think that day-to-day experience is something that applicants and borrowers will be able to benefit from.

“I’m looking forward to working with the other trustees to make the charity as visible as possible, because I think that it’s a brilliant opportunity for people. I think that we need to shout about our success. We’ve heard from borrowers that have links with well-known high street names and top UK employers, so using that sort of success is a powerful way of promoting the charity, as there are lots of people in Leicestershire that can benefit.”

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