Meet Our New Trustees – Greg Hollingsworth

Greg Hollingsworth

At the end of 2019, The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity was delighted to announce the appointment of three new trustees to the charity’s board in Greg Hollingsworth, Sue Cleminson and Mark Shelton.

Moving forward, the trio will work alongside our 15 other trustees; forming part of interview panels with applicants and visiting borrowers and their businesses to see how things are progressing.

In a three-part series, we find out a little more about our newest trustees, starting with solicitor Greg Hollingsworth…

“Professionally, I came to Leicester to study in 1988. I studied Law at the University of Leicester. Having completed my qualifications, I joined a law firm in 1992 and qualified there in 1994. In 2000, I set up my own business, which was a partnership, and that has evolved into the business that I’m in now (Hollingsworths). I’ve been practicing in the city now for 25 years.

“I’d heard of The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity a number of times and know people that have benefited from it. I thought that it is one of those charities that I felt I could help. When I had the conversation with David (Howard, Chair of Trustees), and he told me the story, I thought it was just astounding.

“I always try to be as objective as I can in the things that I do, so I try to remove emotion from situations and try to think about things logically and carefully. I hope that will help ensure that if we’re lending money to somebody it is the right thing to do, not just for the charity, but for the person applying as well.

“Two of the main things I took from my conversation with David were the idea of being present for interviews with applicants and visiting those that are successful in applying. I think that going out and visiting the people that have benefited will be not only interesting, but very rewarding too. To be able to see the difference the charity can make to people as they’re trying to get things off the ground.”

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