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We’re delighted to announce that we approved nine interest-free loans to people within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in the second quarter of 2024.

Totalling £112,100, the latest sum in interest-free loans is to be utilised to either fund business start-up or development, or postgraduate education.

Six interest-free business loans totalling £82,100 were approved to support local businesses in a variety of industries, including domiciliary care, property development, a children’s play area and a glamping site.

Meanwhile, three education loans totalling £30,000 were approved to support the studies of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Master’s degree in Directing & Producing Science and Natural History Films.

“The worst that can happen is we say no – but the chances are, we’ll say yes!”

Lucy Womack

Established in 1542, STWLC hosts quarterly application windows each year in which people aged over 18 and under 45 can apply for unique interest-free loans of up to £20,000 to aid local businesses, or £10,000 to support students wishing to return to postgraduate education. The Charity’s loans are interest-free for nine years, and become repayable by equal instalments after three years.

Lucy Womack, Chair of STWLC, said: “We set the benchmark high last year with a record-breaking loan approval amount, but the early signs of 2024 show that we’re continuing on the same positive trajectory, with £229,600 approved in the first two quarters already.

“Among other things, this illustrates the commitment and ambition that young people have in our great county. The interest-free loans will help more small businesses to establish or grow, and support with postgraduate tuition and living costs for others. If an interest-free loan could help your business or education aspirations, then please visit our website for more information. The worst that can happen is we say no – but the chances are, we’ll say yes!”

Application packs are available to download upon completion of a contact form on our website.

The next deadline for applications is 3.30pm on Monday 1st July 2024.

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