Could We Help You Recover From The Impact of COVID-19?

There’s no doubt about it; the impact that Covid-19 has had on businesses across Leicestershire and Rutland is huge.

Even with 15 June enabling non-essential businesses to re-open following a lengthy lockdown period, making up for lost income is going to take time.

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is on hand to help, if you need it.

Whilst there is Government funding available through ‘bounce-back’ loans, we believe that The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s loans are the best offer available to businesses in Leicestershire and Rutland.

For new applicants, you can borrow up to £20,000 to help fund any area of your business, whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing business in Leicestershire and/or Rutland that could benefit from financial support during this time.

These loans are completely interest-free. You’ll NEVER pay a penny in interest for the full duration of your loan.

In addition, you’ll not commence equal monthly repayments until THREE YEARS have passed from the date of taking out the loan, giving you three years to build your business and recover from COVID-19.

Please click here for more information.

AND, if you are a current borrower of The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity – provided you have borrowed less than £20,000 – you may be eligible for a top-up loan.

For more information about The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s top-up loans for existing business borrowers, please call our Clerk, Sarah Hope, on 0116 204 6620 or email

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