£64,500 Approved in Interest-Free Loans by Charity

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is pleased to announce details of interest-free loans approved in our second quarter of 2022.

A grand total of £64,500 was approved in loans by the charity’s board at its latest meeting, which follows on from interviews with applicants to learn more about their respective ventures or plans and acts as the culmination of the charity’s application process.

Of that sum, a total of £17,500 was approved in loans to help support two business ventures within Leicestershire and Rutland; a driving instructor and a photographer.

Meanwhile, a further £57,000 was approved in interest-free loans to enable students to return to university and study for postgraduate qualifications. Five loans were approved to support students on courses including a PhD in Architecture, a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a MA in Public Health, with the recipient of the latter utilising the loan from the charity to study at the illustrious Harvard University in the United States of America.

Lucy Womack, Chair of Trustees at The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, said: “Congratulations to all of our successful applicants in our second quarter of 2022. As a charity, we wish all of our newest borrowers the best of luck in the coming years and look forward to hearing of their progress.

“We’re now looking ahead to our third quarter of applications, the deadline for which is 3.30pm on Thursday 30 June. As a charity, we have a vast sum available in funding, particularly for new and developing businesses within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – and with our loans being completely interest-free for a nine-year period, we firmly believe there is not a better loan offering on the market to people within the county.

“I’d encourage anybody that could benefit from up to £20,000 to start or grow a business to get in touch and consider applying, or any student who could benefit from up to £10,000 to aid their postgraduate study as we move towards the new academic year.”

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