The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is delighted to unveil its shortlist for their £500 Giveaway celebrating Leicester Giving Day on Friday 18th November.

STWLC invited entrepreneurs to submit their ideas to help grow or start their young business to be in with a chance of winning the Giveaway, which is supported by partners Embark CSR.

The four shortlisted candidates are:

Jessica Byers (Jessica PA Support Services)

Jessica is a PA specialising in working with clients with Autism (ASD) and learning difficulties (LD).

Her ambition is to encourage young adults with these conditions to overcome the barriers that are often put in place when trying to take advantage of opportunities in both their personal and professional lives.

She plans to create a drop-in centre for clients and use the Giveaway money to fund research and other projects to benefit the ASD and LD communities.

Taher Dhuliawala (Neuroability Ltd)

Taher a specialist neurological physiotherapist with over 13 years’ experience, set up Neuroability Ltd to create a multi-disciplinary holistic centre in Leicestershire.

Unlike other centres in the sector, which tend to focus on one discipline, Neuroability Ltd aims to comprise of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, counselling within one setting, helping those who have suffered from Stroke, traumatic brain and spinal injuries, and complex fractures.

The centre will also make the most of the latest technology available, including robotics and virtual reality, to ensure patients get the treatment they need.

Taher is hoping to use the Giveaway to boost awareness of his business to patients, and to help share his vision with like-minded professionals who are interested in joining Neuroability Ltd.

Joe Fuggle (theathleteplace)

Former GB athlete Joe Fuggle founded theathleteplace to help provide independent information, guidance and support for both athletes and their parents. He saw a gap in the market and has been creating athletics-specific content designed to address the many issues athletes can face.

Using the Giveaway prize, he is looking to develop theathleteplace’s latest project, Masterclasses, which hosts interactive workshops with Team GB and Olympic athletes, who share their expertise and guidance with the next generation.

Tarnjeet Kaur (WMK)

Tarnjeet is hoping to use her experience and passion for baking to provide a bespoke service to vegetarians and vegans across Leicester, who often find their food choices limited due to their dietary requirements.

The Italian-born vegetarian is setting up WMK to fill this gap in the market, serving fresh, authentic Italian pizza, alongside amazing desserts, without customers having to fear cross contamination or compromise on the taste.

However, she is also looking beyond that, and has hopes for WMK to be a hub where all members of the community can use the facilities – from somewhere where students can hang out, to businesses using it for conferences.

Eliza Bea McCann (Noelle Ltd)

With unethical practices in textile manufacturing becoming more prevalent, Eliza has set up Noelle Ltd to bring ethically-made clothing back to Leicester.

All of her products are made in an ethical family run factory, based in Leicestershire, and are GOTS certified organic and saved from landfill cotton.

She is now looking at the next stage of her business’s development and is planning to use the Giveaway to raise awareness of her brand by investing in marketing campaigns and marketing specialists to promote Noelle Ltd on a bigger stage.


STWLC would like to congratulate Jessica, Joe, Eliza, Tarnjeet and Taher for making the shortlist. The winner of the Giveaway will be announced on Friday 18th November at The Town Hall, Leicester.

An integral part of the 2022 Leicester Business Festival, which STWLC is an official supporter of, Leicester Giving Day provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their support for charities and local communities, by raising funds, volunteering services or offering gifts.

The £500 Giveaway competition is funded by STWLC, which supports young people in Leicestershire and Rutland who want to make the best of their lives by starting new businesses or educating themselves at postgraduate level.

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