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Charity Receives £250,000 at Annual Distribution Lunch

Representatives from Leicester’s The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity visited St John’s College in Oxford in recent weeks, to attend the main Sir Thomas White Charity distribution lunch; an event which sees funds distributed to individual charities under the Sir Thomas White banner.

In itself, St John’s College is a fitting venue for the event. Founded in 1855 by Sir Thomas White himself, the college was originally established as a men’s college – but has been coeducational since 1979.

In founding the college, Sir Thomas White had intended to educate Roman Catholic clerics to support the Counter Reformation under Queen Mary. A more recent development to the college also bears the name of Sir Thomas White. Between 1972 and 1975, a new quadrangle was added to the campus to provide accommodation and leisure for students in attendance. This quadrangle was named the Sir Thomas White Quadrangle and became a Grade II listed building in 2017.

In attendance on behalf of Leicester’s Sir Thomas White Loan Charity on 17 January 2019 for this year’s distribution lunch were Chair of Trustees, David Howard; Vice Chair of Trustees, John Waite; and Clerk, Sarah Hope.

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity were the grateful recipients of a cheque for £251,095. This figure is to be added to the charity’s existing fund and will be utilised to provide interest-free business and education loans to people aged over 18 and under 35 in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

In addition to receiving additional funds to allow the charity to continue its work within the county, The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity representatives were also able to make the most of the annual opportunity to meet with other Sir Thomas White charities, including those based in Northampton and Warwick, so as to learn more about their work.

To get in touch with The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity to find out more about the interest-free business and education loans available to 18-35s in Leicestershire and Rutland, please email or call 0116 204 6620.

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