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Not everybody has a clear career pathway in their minds from a young age, but Calum Price is a wonderful example of somebody who is driven by a passion, and a determination to make an impact in their dream industry.

Growing up in Leicester, Calum studied at Countesthorpe College before going to De Montfort University and has always had a love for music.

“I’ve played in bands for most of my life,” Calum explained.

“I then went on to DJ at various clubs, and moved into techno music, while also going to London for an internship at a record label after I graduated from DMU (in 2012).”

It was at this time when Calum became certain that he wanted to turn this passion for music into a job, but the step he needed to take had a financial hurdle placed in front of it.

“I saw my route to being able to achieve that as by doing a Master’s degree in Audio Production,” Calum continued.

“I knew that would give me the skills and experience to take me into the industry and would also allow me the time to network with others in the industry, including labels, publishers, and music companies.

“Studying higher education in this country is so expensive though, and I certainly wasn’t in a financial position to go it alone.

“I spent a summer applying to loads of different charities for financial support. I remember speaking to a family friend who mentioned
The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity and told me about the interest-free loan. I hadn’t heard of STWLC at the time, but I did some research and realised it’s exactly what I needed.

“I was awarded the loan (from STWLC), as well as a part-fee scholarship from the University of Westminster, so that’s where I went and I studied an MA in Audio Production, graduating in 2019 with a High Merit.”

Following his graduation, Calum worked freelance for around three years as an audio producer / music supervisor, picking up industry awards along the way.

From there, an opportunity to work for Sony within their production team (KPM) came along, where Calum stayed until moving to Big Sync Music in September 2022 in the role as a Music Supervisor.

“I work mainly on the advertising side, recently working for McDonald’s, as well as other big clients such as Dove, the Basketball World Cup 2023/NBA, and doing the sonic branding for V05,” Calum continued.

“Looking back, the main reason I’m in this industry is because of the postgraduate course, which was made possible thanks to STWLC’s loan. It’s played a huge part in my career so far.”

When asked to describe the process of applying for an interest-free loan from STWLC, Calum added: “It was really straight forward. I submitted an application, had an interview and then signed some papers. I’m paying off the loan at the moment, and it’s really simple.

The loan offers students and people who want to progress a really viable route into what they want to do. Cost of higher education can be a blocker, but STWLC’s interest-free loan offers the money to go ahead with it.”

Calum has plenty of ambition and a commendable desire to make a positive impact on other people within the music and audio industry.

“I’ve always wanted to make sure that what I worked on served a higher purpose. I want to work on things that really make a difference. Hopefully, later on in my career, I’ll be able to help people from underprivileged backgrounds, those who don’t have access to creative industries, and support them on a pathway to get where they want to.”

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