BLOG: Life Is Never Dull

In the second instalment of our exclusive blogs with Sir Thomas White Loan Charity trustees, Lucy Womack provides insight into the charity’s quarterly meetings, which determine whether a borrower’s application has been successful, and the inspiration felt come the meeting’s close…

Despite it being quite common, I’m always amazed at how inspired I feel coming away from my involvement with The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity. It’s at this time that I feel so enthusiastic about working with an incredible charity that makes such a huge difference to young people in the county.

Okay, a little context needed; I understand. Last week, I spent an afternoon at one of the quarterly trustee meetings, where all 18 of us sit to discuss a host of matters involving the charity – not just our interest-free business and education loans.

One of our other areas of work is the provision of grants to scholars, providing the opportunity for disadvantaged pupils in the county to study at one of Leicestershire independent schools to help nurture their talent for learning and provide amazing opportunities to continue studying. We often hear about how those scholars are getting on, but last week was particularly heart-warming.

A scholar studying her A-levels at Leicester High School for Girls was also in attendance and told us that she had FIVE offers to study chemistry at university. FIVE! She’s understandably so excited to begin her next academic journey at (she hopes) Birmingham. However, it was as she told us trustees that she felt sure she would not have achieved so much had she not had the good fortune to win a Sir Thomas White Loan Charity scholarship. I, like many of us, felt so proud of her achievements.

It’s at our quarterly meetings that we discuss interviews with prospective borrowers of the charity’s interest-free business and education loans. The variety of prospective business ideas never ceases to amaze me. This quarter, we will be helping a vegan café, greetings card designer and video production company amongst others – and none of those borrowers will need to start repaying a single penny for the next three years!

One of the most rewarding things about being a trustee is being able to see people’s incredible enthusiasm and detailed planning become a reality, thanks in part to the funding that the charity provides.

Even beyond granting interest-free loans to people within Leicestershire, our involvement continues when we have the fortune to visit the businesses of our borrowers. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate successes or support borrowers if we can. Listening to each account around the table, visits included a tattoo studio, health and fitness enterprise and a pie manufacturer.

Nobody can ever say that the life of a Sir Thomas White Loan Charity trustee is ever dull!

For more information on the charity’s business loans, please click here.

Alternatively, please click here for details on the charity’s scholarships.

Should you have any questions, or wish to obtain more information, please contact the charity via or call 0116 204 6620.

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