The Perfect Solution To Aid Solicitor’s Quest


In order to prepare for a challenging career within the legal sector, postgraduate study is a prerequisite, with any individual targeting a career as a solicitor required to complete the Legal Practice Course.

Thanks in part of an interest-free education loan from The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, Jessica Bass was able to enrol on the Legal Practice Course in her pursuit of a legal career. Born and raised in South Leicestershire, Jessica studied law at the University of Leicester.

“I realised in my second year of university that I wanted to pursue a career as a solicitor,” reveals Jessica.

“The Legal Practice Course is a prerequisite to achieve this, so I researched funding options. I resigned myself to the fact that the course would have to be funded by a bank loan. The rates seemed quite high and the repayment period was short; I’d have had to start making repayments whilst still a trainee solicitor. The alternative was to delay the start of my studies and take a year out to work full-time – but given the fact that it takes time to qualify as a solicitor; this wasn’t a particularly attractive option!

“I came across The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity in a search on Google,” explains Jessica when discussing how she found out about the Charity’s interest-free loans.

“I found the application process to be quite simple. The panel interview was a little daunting, as going into it I didn’t really know what to expect, but all-in-all, everyone was really helpful – and continues to be so whilst I pay off the balance of my loan.

“One of the selling points of obtaining a loan from the Charity to me was that the start of repayment of the loan was deferred for three years from the date the loan was granted,” Jessica adds. “As a result, I only started to repay the loan after I qualified as a solicitor, which was so helpful.”

Jessica’s loan was used to fund the majority of her Legal Practice Course at the Leicester Institute of Legal Practice and meant that she was able to start postgraduate study immediately. Jessica obtained a distinction and the Freeths Prize for Best Legal Practice Course Student (Full-Time) Stage 1.

“The course gave me the foundation required for a career as a solicitor,” insists Jessica. “A week after receiving my results, I moved to High Wycombe to begin my training contract in a multiservice firm. I qualified as a solicitor in August 2016 and was promoted to associate solicitor in June last year. I work in both High Wycombe and London.”

From here, Jessica’s focus is on progressing within her firm and continuing to develop a strong reputation within the industry.

“I’d definitely recommend applying if you are serious about pursuing a postgraduate education,” says Jessica of The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity. “Make sure you consider how this will assist your future career goals – and how you will be able to repay the loan – when applying.”

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