Alyssia Chapman

“I was awarded my loan from Sir Thomas White in January 2016. The loan allowed me to cut down my working hours so that I could gain some school experience, while also completing a Masters degree in Modern Literature. Because of this I was able to secure myself a place on the SCITT teacher training course at Rushey Mead Academy. I trained for a year in secondary education, focusing on my passion; English.

“After a successful first placement I was offered an NQT role at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus. I completed my course in July 2017 after a second placement at Beaumont Leys School. After graduating with Qualified Teacher Status, I returned to Brookvale Groby and began my first year as a newly-qualified teacher of English and Media Studies.

“Teaching has always been an ambition of mine and I was able to realise that ambition with the help of the postgraduate loan awarded to me by Sir Thomas White.”

Hannah Croft

“After receiving my funding in January 2017, I was in the position to purchase an electronic handloom on which I am able to produce innovative fabric designs for the luxury fashion/interior textile markets.

“I was selected for a special showcase at the New Designers Show in London last summer and was then given the opportunity to have a stand at MoOd (Meet Only Original Designers) in Brussels. This was my first international tradeshow and based on my textile collection. I was honoured to be awarded the “Blue Drop Award 2017” for best Launchpad Business.

“I am now in full swing producing concept swatches for industry, the designs are currently selling through an agent to international clients. In addition, I am gaining a reputation as a material futurist who is passionate about pushing the boundaries of textiles beyond the traditional. This is inviting an eclectic and exciting variety of projects spanning many industries including art, film, research and education.”

Rob Pullen Sir Thomas White Loan Charity Success Story

Rob Pullen

“Through the financial help from the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, I have started and developed (so far) a successful business. The loan substantially added to the capital to start the business, making it financially safer and easier, giving me confidence in starting. This was very important in starting my business and really was the final key to committing myself to go for it.

“Over the three-and-half years of trading, Leicester Running Shop is becoming an established business, with more people visiting and recommending the shop each year, which is seen in the steady increase in trade.

“I hope to continue the growth of the business further, establishing it within the running community in Leicestershire.”

Faye Downey Sir Thomas White Loan Charity Success Story
Faye Downey

“The Sir Thomas White Charity loan meant that I could use the funds to buy the equipment and office resources to set up as an independent practitioner after working for UK Athletics and the English Institute of Sport.

“Moreover, the business planning guidance and contact with the committee have contributed to the success of planning for the corporate side of my sports training.

“Since setting up the business I have been contracted to England Rugby for the 2007 World Cup. More importantly for the home county of the charity, I have worked as a speed and power consultant to Leicester Tigers, contributing to their fantastic achievement of becoming Guinness Premiership champions in 2009.”

Elizabeth Marsh-Rowbotham

“Since completing an MA with Merit from King’s College London in Intelligence and International Security, I have worked in corporate roles within security and resilience.

“I commenced work as a Lead Policy Officer for the Information Commissioner’s Office, working on privacy rights and data protection. This is incredibly exciting and an opportunity I would not have had without the Charity’s support and confidence.”

Melissa March

“We would have struggled, without the help we received from the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, to be able to start up our business. We took a big risk, as I left full-time work. This was only enabled by help from the Sir Thomas White Charity. Since receiving the loan, Learning for the Fourth Age has gone from strength to strength and I would recommend the scheme to anyone.”



Ramaize Atique

“After completing a BA in English, like any graduate, I decided to look for work.

My choices were restricted by the nature of work available and after spending some time in limbo, I got a position at a contact centre. Exhilarating at first, the call centre environment reminded me of a 21st century factory, where mental labour gradually caused its victims to vision nothing but figures and statistics.

Eventually, my surroundings sucked the life out of me and I started to think of a way out. It was frustrating at first, but I soon realised that progression could only be achieved by taking small steps. I became an English tutor, eventually quit the mundane job I was doing, completed a CELTA, worked in a prestigious language centre and taught English abroad at the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the Oxbridge of the Islamic world.

What is the need to tell you all of this? Well, for me, life is about living and not existing. Experiences mould us, families support us, and finances aid us. This loan is a means to help me along my journey and assist me to assist others.”

Jessica Cunnington

“This loan will literally change my life, as well as the lives of my family. Setting up my own business will enable me to create a work/life balance perfect for me and my young children. It will mean I get to spend more quality time with them and fit my work in around them.”

Jack Powley Sir Thomas White Loan Charity Success Story
Jack Powley

“Without The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity I would be unable to complete my post-graduate course. The financial assistance has given me an unbelievable opportunity that I otherwise wouldn’t have had, for which I am incredibly grateful.

“I cannot be more thankful, as well as determined to best represent myself and the Sir Thomas White Charity throughout my studies and on into my career.”


Francesca Fisher

“I would sincerely like to thank the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity for allowing me to pursue my dream career of becoming a qualified Occupational Psychologist.

“Without the funding support I would not have been able to complete my masters at The University of Sheffield. This course is in the top 1% of business masters and holds triple accreditation. To miss an opportunity like this, due to funding not being available, would have been devastating. In life we do not all begin with the same wealth, however this does not mean we cannot all achieve and strive for success.

“This charity overcomes financial difficulty for individuals who are striving for success. In the first month I am already networking with large well-known organisations and my job opportunities are promising, this loan has truly changed my life. I cannot thank you enough!”

Sarah Fallon

“I am very grateful to the Thomas White Loan Charity for giving me the opportunity to fulfil a life-long ambition to study at Cambridge University.

“At Cambridge I will learn new skills and extend the knowledge gained from my Law degree. I am thrilled that I will be taught by world renowned educators. It is exciting to study at Darwin College and develop a career in Criminology. It is the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity that has helped to make my dream a reality.”

Cara George

“Receiving the generous loan from Sir Thomas White Loan Charity means that I can afford to live during my Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London.

“With very few other means of funding available and only a small amount of savings, I would have definitely had to reconsider taking up my place on the course without this loan. I can now pursue my two-year MA in London with confidence and assurance, and hope to make the very best of the opportunities I will find there.”

Dilara Spencer
Dilara Spencer

“The financial help I received from the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity enabled me to set up my laser surgery clinic (JMC hair, beauty and tattoo removal). Without their help, I would have struggled massively with the set-up costs for a clean, hygienic and relaxing clinic in a competitive market. The business loan gave me the confidence to get my clinic’s renovation over the finishing line and open for business.”



Vicky Flanagan

“I have been a beauty therapist for over 20 years. I always wanted my own hair/beauty business, so when my friend mentioned to me about the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to purchase my own salon.

“After drawing up my business plan and finding a local business for sale the application process was very straight forward and my loan was agreed in a very short time frame. I have had my salon for six-and-a-half years now and in that time it has grown rapidly.

“I would definitely recommend the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity to anyone if they are contemplating starting their own business, because without the loan from the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, I probably would have never had my own salon.”