Hazel Stuart, Business Loan Borrower

“Looking back, The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity helped me realise my dream of becoming a published children’s author. There’s no excuse not to follow your dreams if you qualify for their help. I recommend them all the time!”

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Giulia Mio, Business Grant Recipient

“Finding out that there was a local charity that was willing to provide some financial support was a moment where all I could say was, ‘thank goodness’. I felt that the charity was thinking about people like me or those that share my workspace. Even if I was unsuccessful in applying, I was happy that there was an organisation in Leicester with good intentions.”



Victoria Corcoran – Business Loan Borrower

“The charity was a bit of a beacon in the dark for me, because when I’d started to think about developing a teaching space – which was what my loan was used for – there was a lot out there, but when you drilled down to it, few of the options felt relevant to me.”



Scott Moore – Business Loan Borrower and Grant Recipient

“If The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity wasn’t available to help us with both the original interest-free loan and then the grant on top, we wouldn’t be in business. It’s as simple as that.”



Mumtaz Ahmed – Business Loan Borrower and Grant Recipient

“Without the charity, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I moved to a bigger house, I have my own salon, I’m content…it’s changed my life.”