Success Story – On Song

Success Story – On Song

Mezzo Soprano vocalist Rozanna Madylus is one of many post-graduate students that have benefited from one of the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s education loans, with the Leicestershire-born opera singer able to fulfil her potential through studying at the Royal Academy of Music.

Speaking to the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity about her experience, Rozanna reveals just how pivotal the loan from the Charity was in allowing her to focus on her studies, and acknowledges the part her sister played in informing her about the help available from STWLC.

“The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity has been invaluable in helping me to progress with my career,” Rozanna said.

“My sister also took out a loan from the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity and she runs her own vintage clothes business. She mentioned that the Charity also provide loans for people in further education. I knew I wanted to study in London, which is ridiculously expensive even though I was very lucky to have received a full scholarship. That scholarship only covers the tuition fees and doesn’t cover any maintenance, so taking out the loan allowed me to really focus on my studies as opposed to wondering how I was going to pay the bills on a monthly basis.”

“The application process was very easy, actually – surprisingly so,” Rozanna adds with regards to how she found the process of obtaining the loan.

RozannaMadylus01“Going into the arts, it can be seen as a very precarious business and I was a little unsure as to whether I would stand a chance of being considered. I was pleasantly surprised when I went for the interview and the Trustees seemed very enthusiastic, which was very nice.”

One of the key elements of the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s education loans is the borrower’s ability to study anywhere in the world they choose. For Rozanna, that location was the nation’s capital and emphasises the fact that the loan allowed her to make the most of the course on offer at the Royal Academy of Music.

“When I first moved down to London, it was my first time in a conservatoire, which was very intense,” explained Rozanna.

“It was full throttle every day and in the Academy I would be practicing, so the loan allowed me not to have to worry about whether I could afford my next meal, or ask the question as to whether I would need to work at the weekends which would impact on my studies. The loan allowed me to make the most of the course, which I think has led to the success that I have achieved.

“My studies have been an incredible experience,” she added.

RozannaMadylus02“Without the ability to study at the Academy and without their help, I probably would have given up and studied to be a lawyer instead! I now have six opera roles that I can put on my CV, so when I attend auditions, I know have a wealth of experience to call upon. This is what producers and directors look for and I have been provided with a platform.”

In summary, with a bright and successful career on the horizon, Rozanna’s advice to any prospective borrowers is simple:

“Don’t hesitate; the worst they can say is no, but the chances are they will say yes.”

For more information on Rozanna Madylus, please visit her website – One forthcoming recital is taking place in Leicestershire in April, before Rozanna heads to Italy.

Should you wish to follow in Rozanna’s footsteps and enhance your qualifications, please CLICK HERE to find out more about the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s education loans.