Success Story: Acupuncturist Reaps Rewards of Self-Employment

Success Story: Acupuncturist Reaps Rewards of Self-Employment

Emma Sammels is the owner of SIMPLY ACUPUNCTURE, one of the many unique and wonderful businesses we’ve provided financial support to.

Providing a range of acupuncture treatments tailored to each patient’s individual needs Emma can treat a range of ailments including anxiety, chronic fatigue and hay fever to name just a few.emma sammels

Emma previously worked as a personal trainer so can also provide nutritional advice, and her range of skills makes her business truly stand out. There are few practitioners in Leicestershire providing a similar service, which has contributed to her success.

After graduating from the Integrated College of Chinese Medicine in Reading, Emma decided to take the route of most acupuncturists in the UK and chose to start her own business. Our loan saved Emma from having to borrow at a high interest rate from a bank and provided her with the start-up capital she needed to launch her venture.

Initially Emma was worried about starting out on her own, but with our support her confidence grew: “The thought of running my own acupuncture business was initially quite daunting. However, after some useful advice from a Business Link adviser, who suggested I apply for the Sir Thomas White Loan, everything seemed to naturally slot into place.  I began to feel at ease and excited about running my own business.”

Here at Sir Thomas White we don’t just provide financial aid. We help borrowers to develop their business plans and can point them in the right direction if they’re ever unsure about what they’re doing. We want the people we work with to have the best chance possible of succeeding in their chosen industry.

Now Emma says she can’t imagine not being her own boss and loves being self-employed: “I think the best thing about being your own boss is the flexibility it gives you in life.  I love running my own diary management system – I can’t ever imagine working for someone else again.

“My week can vary from planning my own marketing to treating patients with acupuncture.  Even though it can be hard work the positive results are always rewarding.”

It’s always brilliant to find out that our business borrowers are not just becoming successful, but they are also enjoying what they do. It’s not easy being self-employed – but the job satisfaction can make all the hard work worthwhile.

Thinking of applying for a loan from us? Emma would recommend our Charity to anyone, she said: “I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone to apply for a Sir Thomas White Loan.  After graduating I was truly grateful for their financial support.”

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