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With a brand-new office location and growing team to expand on an already highly acclaimed range of services, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that Mindful Mortgages has continued to go from strength to strength.

Even in the midst of the on-going coronavirus pandemic, the Countesthorpe-based company, which delivers expert mortgage advice with a personalised touch to deliver a bespoke and unique service, has benefited from consistent business in recent months.

Following on from The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s first conversation with business borrower and founder of Mindful Mortgages, Sam Cattell, we caught up with Sam (virtually, of course) to find out more about the growth of her company and what’s next.

“Things were building nicely before everything went crazy around the world,” explained Sam. “With all the little bits and pieces that we’ve done to try and get our name out there, I feel there was a lot of people that had put us on the back-burner; they wanted to use us, but suddenly this situation prompted them into getting in touch. We can’t complain at all.

“We’re looking to make the most of our growth,” she added. “We’re very happy with how things have gone to date this year, but we’re not naïve enough to think that it’s always going to be as it is currently. We’re trying to put things in place that gives us every chance of continual growth.”

That ‘recent growth’ has been substantial and, by Sam’s own admission, ahead of schedule. However, in the wake of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, the growth and development has also provided huge benefits to ensure the company could continue to thrive in the new normal.

“We have two self-employed mortgage advisers on board with us now and we have moved into new offices,” confirmed Sam. “Both of these things have been amazing. Even during lockdown and a time where people couldn’t visit, it was great to have a professional space to do video calls or simply concentrate. I think everything has provided a great deal of clarity as to where I want to take the business. It’s become obvious that there is a huge demand for the sort of thing we’re doing.

“I knew I wanted to grow the size of the team and move into new offices, but had no idea as to when that was going to be,” Sam continued. “I had in my mind that it could be two years, but the office move came just a few months after I last spoke to you at The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity. That space has given me the opportunity to advise more people and grow our client base.

“What’s been brilliant is that everything has been so organic. People have approached me because they’ve seen what I’ve done and liked the way we do things. It feels like things have been out of my hands, but in a really good way.

“After people have visited our website and had that first call with me about what they want from their new home, I’ve had people almost literally jumping out of the office smiling saying, ‘I thought mortgage advice was going to be really boring’. It’s still challenging to explain what I do with an emphasis on how I do it, but we’re confident everything we’re putting out there is starting to reinforce our ethos and working practice. I’m happy with the way that everything is progressing.”

The focus for Sam moving beyond the current climate is to help ensure that Mindful Mortgages has more of a public profile, both through marketing and networking.

“The key for me now is visibility and awareness of those services, so that if anybody needs anything that I can offer, they know that they can come to me for it,” Sam said.

“The benefit of having mortgages advisers coming on board is that it gives me more time to put myself out there and create a wider awareness of the business. Having started to talk more about the business, it ignited an enthusiasm in me to tell as many people as possible about what we do and how we do it. I want everybody, if not in Leicestershire then in the Midlands, to know about Mindful Mortgages and that you have a choice. You can go to a bank or building society, of course, but if you want more guidance and support – and to develop a relationship, that is out there and we provide it. My focus is building a presence.

“We’ve got some assistance now with our social media marketing, in addition to producing some e-communications and online content,” she added. “That will be huge, tailoring material for our target audience.”

For more information on Mindful Mortgages, please visit their website at www.mindfulmortgages.co.uk or like their Facebook page by clicking here. Alternatively, follow @mindfulmortgages on Instagram.

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