“I Was Given a Lifeline by This Charity”

“I Was Given a Lifeline by This Charity”

–    By Sarah Clark, Education Borrower

“It is unfounded that I am ever lost for words, yet here I am, a month into my MRes and I am still struggling to find the sentences to express my feelings towards the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity.

After much mental deliberation, I believe this is because I am still in shock that I was granted worthy of their help. It is important for me to say now that this is not because I am untrustworthy or lacking ambition, far from it, but rather I am spellbound that there is such help and hope for working class people as myself, who more often than not, are refused financial help from other organisations.

I am deadly serious when I say I was given a lifeline from this charity and, well, how does one find the words to fit their feelings behind that?

Therefore, let me reach out to others like myself, single mothers who have worked tirelessly seven days a week for over five years, to make a better life for themselves and their children through education. Mature students who have faced diversity in so many shapes and forms yet have never given up and nevertheless, fight to be the best they can be. To people who are brave enough to ask for help when it is needed the most, no matter how scared they are, so they can achieve their aspirations. I reach out to you and say ‘Keep going, and when all else fails, go and see the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’, for this charity not only helped me financially, but it gave me the confidence and belief in myself that all my hard work is justifiably worthy of their support.

It gave me the next stepping stone to move forward. A stepping stone that whispers to me daily ‘We believe in you, you’re headed in the right direction’.

For this, and every day I step foot on campus until the day I am teaching and inspiring my own students, I thank you.”

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