Good Luck, Becky and Faye

Good Luck, Becky and Faye

Everybody at the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity would like to wish the best of luck to Faye Hooper and Becky Owens, who will this weekend be heading to Hampton Court Palace to participate in The Handmade Fair, following a special invitation by event organisers.

Five years ago, Faye and Becky teamed-up to apply for a business loan from the Charity to help start their business The Sewing Café, which is located in Castle Street in Hinckley.

Between 16th and 18th September, Faye and Becky will be taking a stall to the fair, selling a range of fabrics and sewing kits, whilst at The Sewing Café, the duo is hosting a huge number of creative sewing workshops.

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Coming soon, we will be featuring Faye, Becky and The Sewing Café here on the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity website – so watch this space.