Flourishing Photographer Loanee Launching New Projects

Flourishing Photographer Loanee Launching New Projects

Leicester-based photographer Scott Choucino has a busy few months ahead as he launches a number of new projects.

Scott received funding from the Charity to pursue post-graduate studies, and this has helped the talented creative to run his successful business and offer a range of services benefiting the community of Leicester.

On Saturday 8th August, Scott is opening his studio to the public for a full day of headshots at a reduced rate – a great opportunity for professionals looking for photographs to use on social media, company websites, LinkedIn and CVs.

One day each week Scott will now be renting his studio out to professional and amateur photographers, providing those without their own facilities a chance to use the space for shoots.

Scott is also embarking on a personal photography project this summer where he will be photographing ‘faces of the Leicester music scene’.

For this set of photographs he will take pictures of people attending gigs in Leicester, showcasing the support for and spirit of the city’s venues.

The next event Scott will be attending to take pictures for this project is Simon Says at De Montfort Hall on July 25th and 26th.

This work illustrates how supporting people through their education and independent businesses can help not just the individuals receiving the funding, but also the business and local communities around them.

For more information on Scott Choucino’s work and his studio CLICK HERE.