Creating A New idee


When his previous employers hit financial difficulty, Shaun Taylor took the decision to take voluntary redundancy. That action would become the catalyst for what followed, with Shaun now the owner of his own business, idee Creative.

Based in the heart of Leicester city centre, idee is a full-service design agency that has gone from offering simple graphic design to full branding design and strategy. It’s a fantastic story, and one that The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is proud to be a part of.

“I essentially took the redundancy to give the ‘my own boss’ thing a try,” revealed Shaun. “Because I was an in-house designer, we only really had one client and I felt it was lacking the variation I craved. The timing was all very fortunate, but I saw this as an opportunity to not limit myself to one company type and work across a multitude of different business sectors.”

Once plans were put in place to become his own boss, Shaun quickly realised the hard work required to build up a portfolio of clients.

“I needed to bring work in and work very hard to make a name for myself,” he admitted. “I had a couple of clients from the company I had left and I still work with a couple of them to this day.

“I still find bringing in new work challenging, but the excitement of getting a new client and working with a variety of business types make it all worthwhile.”

In establishing idee Creative, Shaun discovered The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity courtesy of a business advice service. Having gone through the application process successfully, the interest-free loan obtained enabled him to take his service provision to a new level.

“I found the application process relatively easy,” explained Shaun. “The people who work for the Charity are lovely and couldn’t have been more helpful with the initial process, and any advice or help I had needed along the way.

“I was working on an old computer at the time so I used the loan to purchase an iMac and MacBook Pro, a Wacom drawing tablet and a Canon DSLR camera, as well as some marketing items such as business cards, adverts and flyers, in addition to a nice printed portfolio case – which was required at the time, before all portfolios migrated to the internet!”

Mixing between working on projects independently to collaborating with other designers on larger projects, Shaun’s business continues to develop – and he emphasises that he would recommend The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity to any aspiring business owner looking to get started.

“Things have been growing over the years,” explained Shaun. “I now work in a city centre office with a couple of other great freelancers, and have a stream of amazing clients who I love working with. The variation is still there and the plan is always to work with larger companies and on more exciting projects.

“The Sir Thomas White Charity gave me a big push,” he added. “It made me more confident knowing that someone was happy to put money behind my business idea. It helped me to produce a better standard of work and work more quickly and enabled me to be able to bring a laptop to meetings with me which, at the time, was a vital part of interacting with the client.

“The charity is a fantastic way to get an initial investment for your business,” Shaun concluded. “For many, the investment will help them with equipment which is vital for running their business as well as provide money for marketing and give them an initial step forward.

“You don’t have to start repayments for a while after you initially get the money and when they do start, they are affordable and you DON’T pay interest!”

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