A Scientific Journey Stateside


Aside from being completely interest-free, a key benefit of The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s education loans, available to the value of £10,000, is that they can be used to support the cost of study anywhere in the world – not just in Leicester where the Charity is based.

For many, studying for a postgraduate qualification is key to working within a chosen field, opening doors to opportunities and experiences that may otherwise be closed. In the case of education borrower Charis Ringland (pictured, centre), she has been able to enjoy both as she works towards a career in science.
“I am currently working towards a PhD accredited by the Open University in the United Kingdom,” explains Charis, before explaining that her studies are taking place more than 4,000 miles from her Leicestershire home.

“However, I am based at the Roskamp Institute in Florida. It’s a research institute dedicated towards understanding causes and finding cures for neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. My project is on Alzheimer’s disease.”

Prior to making the move stateside, Charis applied for an education loan from The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity to support the cost of her Master’s degree.

“I heard about the Charity through word-of-mouth,” says Charis. “I’d been searching for loans to help fund my Master’s course and a friend of the family told me about the Charity, which seemed ideal. I found the application process very straightforward.

“My Master’s degree was in Experimental Neuroscience at Imperial College London,” she continues.

“This course was beneficial for me, as it allowed me to get more experience working in a professional research setting and to expand my neuroscience knowledge. I enjoyed the laboratory aspects of my Bachelor’s degree and wanted to learn more.”

It was as a result of completing a Master’s course that Charis was able to continue to pursue a career in neuroscience. Whilst the qualification strengthened her CV and experience however, it opened up a door to an unbelievable opportunity to study at the renowned Roskamp Institute Clinic in Sarasota, part of the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

“My Master’s course enabled me to become a stronger candidate for the jobs I was applying for,” says Charis. “After completing my course, I was offered a PhD position in which I could continue researching Alzheimer’s disease whilst further building on my qualifications.

“I’m following my ideal career path,” Charis adds. “I have now completed the first year of my PhD and am set to finish in two years’ time. I’m also working on an interesting project dedicated to my area of study. I want to continue working in the field that I am in, contributing to the understanding of degenerative disorders and helping to develop treatments.”

Charis believes that The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity provides an excellent opportunity for students wishing to continue their studies in pursuit of their dream role within a desired field.

“The Charity provides a great opportunity to gain financial support to complete a postgraduate course, whether you need help paying course fees or living expenses” she says. “The fact that it’s interest-free for a long period of time and easily repayable makes it easier to focus on your studies – and afterwards finding a job that you will love with less stress.”

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