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Site Plans

It is often challenging for start-up companies to make a name for themselves within their chosen industry – as Sir Thomas White Loan Charity borrower Danny Gohil, of marketing business Pencil and Coffee, discovered.

After receiving a quote for over £3,000 from another marketing agency to undertake his promotion, he soon realised that it was simply not viable for him. From there, he had the idea of creating a solution that he, and other start-ups, needed in the form of website design and maintenance at a more affordable price.

He said: “The idea behind what I wanted to do was to be tailored towards smaller businesses, start-ups and companies that don’t have a big budget for a fully-bespoke website.

“I learnt it all myself and we did it all ourselves,” he continued. “People that were working close with us saw what we did, liked what we did and asked us to do it for them. People seemed to like what we do so that’s how it all started off.”