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Hitting The Right Note

Hitting The Right Note

Music tuition is a common experience for children throughout their school years and a lot of those stories are very similar.

Using rented equipment in a one-on-one session with a tutor, prodigy musicians make their way through the seemingly never-ending list of grades and qualifications – the exact experience that Mike Heaps of Room For Music had. That was until he decided to do something about it and revolutionise music teaching for the next generation.

He said: “Room for Music was established about eight years ago now. My goal was to provide an alternative approach to music tuition and specifically contemporary music tuition.

“Rather than one-on-one lessons, which is how most young people learn an instrument, I wanted to focus more around a group workshop style of teaching. I was trying to encourage those kids that were sat in their bedrooms and playing drums or guitar on their own to come together, start a band and get out there gigging and performing as real musicians.”