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Business Is In The Bag

Business Is In The Bag

You often hear incredible stories about how one parallel pathway in life perfectly sets people up for a completely different one. Sir Thomas White Loan Charity business loan borrower Natasha Dulay is a perfect example.

Always creative, Natasha would often spend her spare time putting her creativity in motion. However, away from that, she dedicated her education to developing her studies in business, at one point potentially entering the field of accountancy. That wasn’t to be, as Natasha soon realised, through her passion for jewellery initially, that her desire was to create unique products and showcase them to a target market.

That developed further to crafting unique handbags and clutch bags – and Styles of Soki was born.

What Natasha didn’t realise at the time was that everything she was doing away from being creative was preparing her to turn her creativity into a career.