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Success Story: Visual Therapy

Success Story: Visual Therapy

Each business has a story behind it. Some are complicated, whilst some others may be pretty straightforward. However, the one thing that all business stories will have in common is that they are driven by individuals; a personal account of how drive, determination and planning overcame challenges, trials and tribulations.

Sometimes an individual can emerge from a business story more inspirational than the business itself. De Montfort University Global MBA student Jane Hearst is a perfect example.

The 24-year-old joint-winner of the university’s 2018 Pitch2Win competition, which The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity proudly sponsors, was forced to overcome personal challenges before she could even focus on creating her business idea; a business idea which in itself is deeply personal to Jane.

Jane is the CEO of The Curious Observer, whose primary service is called Glimpse. Glimpse uses film production as a way of providing individuals with a life guidance service, culminating in a shoot and shareable product. The result is a form of narrative therapy, which Jane herself admits proved to be personally beneficial.