STWLC Launches New Promotional Video

STWLC Launches New Promotional Video

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity has released a brand-new promotional video, produced by two fellow Leicester businesses that have benefited from the Charity’s interest-free loans.

The three-minute long video is a result of a working partnership between marketing agency Soar Media and video production company On Point Productions; both of which received funding from the Charity during the respective business’ infancy.

Individuals aged over 18 and under 35 from Leicestershire and Rutland are eligible to apply for a Sir Thomas White Loan Charity loan of up to £20,000 to help assist their new business, whether it is a fresh start-up or a business looking to develop. The loans are interest free for a period of nine years, with a three-year break before repayments commence in equal monthly instalments.

Featuring a further three businesses that have benefited from The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity – The Sewing Cafe and The Stottie Shop, both in Hinckley, and Oakham-based William Wheelwright Hair – the video sees respective owners share their experience of utilising the Charity and reveal the ways in which their businesses have developed since receiving their interest-free loan.

It is hoped that the video will inspire likeminded budding entrepreneurs to get in touch with the Charity to apply for funding to help with their own business start-up.

David Howard, Chair of Trustees at The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, said: “We are delighted with the new promotional video and very excited to have people see it for the first time. We felt that it was important that prospective borrowers and entrepreneurs were able to hear first-hand the impact that we have been able to have from those that were in their position at one point – and the testimonies from the borrowers featured in the video deliver that perfectly. We’re thankful for each of them for taking their time to be involved, and to Soar Media and On Point Productions, who have done a great job of bringing the video to life.”

Chris Mortley, Communications Manager at Soar Media, added: “The relationship between Soar Media and The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is one that has flourished over a number of years, so it has been a pleasure to work with On Point Productions and the featured fellow borrowers in the production of this new video that highlights the fantastic work and provision that the Charity provides. The response we received from borrowers when asked to be involved in the project was excellent, with everybody really enthusiastic about spreading the word of what The Sir Thomas White Charity does – and I think that comes across perfectly in the video.”

Joe Mee, Videographer at On Point Productions, said: “It was a pleasure to help make this video for The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity. It has been fantastic to meet other business owners who were also supported by them. I think it is important for the Charity to share their stories for others who may be thinking of taking the plunge and making their business a reality.

“Starting a new business from scratch can be a daunting process but The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s support, both in terms of the initial start-up capital and the expertise of their Trustees, has been invaluable. Banks are increasingly reluctant to lend money to business start-ups so to have an organisation that offers people interest-free loans to start their business is a fantastic resource for the city.”

For more information on The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity’s business loans, please click here